Bahubali Director Rajamouli Reflects on Challenges and Opportunities in Animation

Bahubali Director Rajamouli Reflects on Challenges and Opportunities in Animation


Director S S Rajamouli shares insights into the creation of the Bahubali animated series, emphasizing the depth of character arcs and the untapped potential within the Bahubali universe. He discusses the challenges of expanding the brand beyond traditional cinema and reflects on the difference in branding strategies between India and the West. Despite initial hurdles, including failed attempts at web series and VR films, Rajamouli expresses gratitude for the opportunity to explore animation. Handing over the Bahubali franchise to another team was a significant challenge, but Rajamouli ultimately entrusted them with his vision, providing insights into the characters, conflicts, and emotional depth crucial to the series’ success. Overall, Rajamouli’s journey with the Bahubali animated series showcases the delicate balance between creative vision and collaborative execution in Indian cinema’s evolving storytelling landscape.

Bahubali Director Rajamouli Reflects on Challenges and Opportunities in Animation

Renowned filmmaker S S Rajamouli sheds light on the intricacies and challenges behind the creation of the Bahubali animated series, “Crown of Blood.” With meticulous attention to detail, Rajamouli unveils the thought process that went into expanding the Bahubali universe beyond the silver screen.

Delving into Character Arcs and Story Expansion

Rajamouli emphasizes the depth of the Bahubali narrative, stating that the pre-stories and post-stories of characters sparked the idea for the animated series. He underscores the significance of exploring evolving character arcs and believes there’s much more to share with the audience from the Bahubali saga.

Bridging the Gap in Branding

Drawing comparisons with western counterparts, Rajamouli notes a disparity in branding approaches. While western films seamlessly transition into other media, Indian cinema often falls short in expanding its fan base. He highlights the need for organic brand extension and reaching wider audiences through diverse platforms.

Challenges and Triumphs

Reflecting on their attempts to diversify the Bahubali franchise with web series, VR films, and games, Rajamouli acknowledges initial setbacks due to unfamiliarity with new mediums. However, the collaboration with Sharath, who proposed the animation series, brought a fresh perspective aligned with Western and Japanese standards.

Letting Go of Control

Despite initial apprehensions about entrusting the Bahubali legacy to another team, Rajamouli acknowledges the necessity of relinquishing control. He recounts the challenge of allowing the animation team autonomy while ensuring the essence of Bahubali’s characters, conflicts, and emotions remained intact.

Ensuring Soulful Adaptation

Rajamouli expresses confidence in the animation team’s ability to capture the essence of Bahubali while delivering an enduring animated rendition. While relinquishing creative control was daunting, Rajamouli remains optimistic about the animated series retaining the soul of Bahubali.

In conclusion, S S Rajamouli’s insights offer a glimpse into the creative process behind the Bahubali animated series, highlighting the balance between creative vision and collaborative execution. As anticipation builds for “Crown of Blood,” fans await a captivating extension of the Bahubali saga in animated form.

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