Breaking Barriers Burberry Children’s AW ’22 Collection Celebrates Diversity and Representation

Breaking Barriers Burberry Children’s AW '22 Collection Celebrates Diversity and Representation

Breaking Barriers Burberry Children’s AW ’22 Collection Celebrates Diversity and Representation In a fashion landscape where the call for genuine representation has grown louder, Burberry Children’s Autumn-Winter ’22 collection has emerged as a trailblazer, winning the hearts of many on the Internet. The brand’s corresponding campaign, which recently went live on Instagram, is making waves for its groundbreaking choice to feature four-year-old Sahib Singh. Notably, Sahib Singh is the first model to wear a patka—the turban worn by young boys in the Sikh community— in the iconic label’s official imagery.

The collection, a lineup of back-to-school designs, showcases young Singh, based in London and signed with the agency South Coast Kidz, striking a pose in a Thomas Burberry Bear puffer jacket layered over a cardigan and shorts. This move by Burberry represents a pivotal shift in the fashion industry, moving away from tokenism and towards a celebration of diversity.

Sahib’s parents, Harjot Kaur and Ranjeet Singh, expressed their joy over this significant moment for their son and the broader community. Harjot Kaur, who manages Sahib’s Instagram account, shared with Vogue India, “Sahib had an incredible day with the Burberry team, who really looked after all the children they were shooting with. To see our son, who does look different from his peers, being given a chance by the iconic British brand was truly a milestone moment.” The image of Sahib has garnered widespread attention and support within just a few hours of being posted online, with members of the South Asian community expressing their enthusiasm and admiration.

This groundbreaking inclusion is more than just a singular image; it represents a broader message of embracing and celebrating differences. The positive response reflects a collective desire to see authentic representation in the fashion world, acknowledging and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds. Sahib’s parents aim to inspire confidence in all boys in their community, encouraging them to be proud of their heritage and wear their patkas and paghs with pride.

Burberry’s decision to feature Sahib Singh in their campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the impact fashion can have in fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers. The image not only captures the essence of diversity but also sends a resonating message about the importance of embracing one’s roots with pride and confidence. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Burberry Children’s AW ’22 collection stands out as a beacon of progress and a symbol of the positive change that can be achieved when diversity takes center stage.

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